2019 closure, reviewers gratitude, and an invitation

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Over the last year, the number of submissions to Research in Engineering Design dropped by about 20%. This is explained by fewer submissions that are out of scope but also less good submissions. We published 27 papers, 15% less than the year before and with 15% decrease in their total volume. We definitely need to attract more quality submissions and make sure we reduce the review time to do it. We intend to improve our processes and the overall service to authors and invite prospective authors to experience this firsthand.

None of this would have been possible without the extended community supporting the journal: the authors that trust the results of their research with the journal team, the area editors and the editorial board members, and the many dedicated reviewers.

I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the numerous reviewers who contributed their efforts to maintain and improve the high quality of the journal. The reviewers, outside the editorial board, who completed a review this year, are:

Achiche Sofiane

Allard Suzie

Allen Janet

Atlason Reynir

Baxter Weston

Ben-Arieh David

Bohm Matt

Borgianni Yuri

Brine Derek

Broniatowski David A.

Brown Christopher

Campbell Matthew

Campean Felician

Cavallucci Denis

Chen Wei

Chulvi Vicente

Coatanéa Eric

Cobb Corie

Culley Steve

de Neufville Richard

Dolah Rozzeta

Dori Dov

Dorst Kees

Earl Chris

Eifler Tobias

Eynard Benoit

Favi Claudio

Ferguson Scott

Fiorineschi Lorenzo

Franssen Maarten

Fritzsche Albrecht

Fu Katherine

Fukuda Shuichi

Garcia Agis Jose Jorge

Gericke Kilian

Goentzel Jarrod

Grogan Paul

Guenov Marin

Haftka Raphael

Hardt David E.

Hatchuel Armand

Hazelrigg George

Heimicke Jonas

Herder Pauline

Hoffenson Steven Hoffenson

Holt Raymond

Holtta-Otto Katja

Huang Chien-Yi

Huang Chen-I.

Ilevbare Imoh

Isaksson Ola

Jensen David

Jin Yan

Kannengiesser Udo

Katsikopoulos Konstantinos

Keshwani Sonal

Kimita Koji

Kipouros Timoleon

Koh Edwin

Kremer Gül

Kroll Ehud

Le Glatin Mario

Lenau Torben

Liu Yan

Lofthouse Vicky

Mackey Ryan

Matthiesen Sven

McAdams Daniel

McComb Chris

McDonald Libby

Mistree Farrokh

Mocko Greg

Monplaisir Leslie

Moon Seung Ki

Moultrie James

Mourelatos Zissimos P.

Mulet Elena

Nagel Robert

Nakhla Michel

Oberoi Sharad

Ogura Masaki

Olewnik Andrew

Ostrosi Egon

Otto Kevin

Ottosson Stig

Proske Marina

Rai Bharatendra

Ramos Ana

Reich Yoram

Reiff-Marganiec Stephan

Ren Jingzheng

Rosen David

Ross Adam

Rotini Federico

Seepersad Carolyn

Shaked Avi

Sharma Sanjiv

Shen Weiming

Smulders Frido

Snider Chris

Sokol Julia

Sommer Svenja

Steinert Martin

Sudarsanam Nandan

Suh Eun Suk

Tacker Manfred

Tahera Khadija

Teissandier Denis

Thomas Maxime

Todeti Somasekhara Rao

TOH Christine

Ullah AMM Sharif

Ullman David

van Bossuyt Douglas

Venkataraman Srinivasan

Wang Ming-Feng

Wang Zheng

Wartzack Sandro

Whitcomb Clifford

Whitney Daniel

Whyte Jenny

Xiao Mi

Yang Maria

Yang Huayong

Yi-Min Deng

Zhao Fu


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