Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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Numerically driven tuning of equilibrium paths for pantographic beams

  • Emilio TurcoEmail author
Original Article


The nonlinear mechanical behavior of pantographic beams, mimicking the results of the Euler’s beam, is explored. In particular, using a very simple Lagrangian model already tested for pantographic lattices and an algorithm based on the Riks’ approach to reconstruct via a stepwise procedure the equilibrium path, the results of several numerical simulations, capable of determining the buckling load, the pre- and post-buckling paths and the imperfection analysis, are presented and discussed. The goal of this campaign of numerical simulations is double. Indeed, besides to make available to the scientific community some reference solutions for a kind of very popular metamaterial, the enriched capabilities of pantographic beams can also be exploited also for a fine-tuning of equilibrium paths.


Pantographic beams Large displacements in elastic regime Tunable materials 



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