Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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Nonlocal and nonlinear contributions to the thermal and elastic high-frequency wave propagations at nanoscale

  • A. SellittoEmail author
  • M. Di Domenico
Original Article


We analyze the role played by nonlocal and nonlinear effects in the propagation of thermal and elastic high-frequency waves in nanosystems. The study is performed both in the case of a rigid body (i.e., for heat-pulse propagation) and in the case of a nonrigid body (i.e., for thermoelastic-pulse propagation). In the framework of extended irreversible thermodynamics, the compatibility of our theoretical models with second law is proved.


Thermal-wave propagation Elastic-wave propagation Nonlocal effects Nonlinear effects Thermoelasticity Nanosystems 


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A. S. acknowledges the University of Salerno for the financial supports under Grant No. 300393FRB17CIARL and Grant “Fondo per il finanziamento iniziale dell’attività di ricerca,” as well as the Italian “Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del sistema Universitario e della Ricerca” for the financial support under Grant “Fondo per il finanziamento delle attività base di ricerca.” Both authors thank the Italian “National Group of Mathematical Physics (GNFM-INdAM)” for supporting the research Project “Progetto Giovani 2018/Heat-pulse propagation in FGMs.”


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  1. 1.Department of Industrial EngineeringUniversity of SalernoFiscianoItaly
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of SalernoFiscianoItaly

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