Radio emission from supernova remnants

  • Gloria DubnerEmail author
  • Elsa Giacani
Review Article


The explosion of a supernova releases almost instantaneously about 10\(^{51}\) ergs of mechanic energy, changing irreversibly the physical and chemical properties of large regions in the galaxies. The stellar ejecta, the nebula resulting from the powerful shock waves, and sometimes a compact stellar remnant, constitute a supernova remnant (SNR). They can radiate their energy across the whole electromagnetic spectrum, but the great majority are radio sources. Almost 70 years after the first detection of radio emission coming from an SNR, great progress has been achieved in the comprehension of their physical characteristics and evolution. We review the present knowledge of different aspects of radio remnants, focusing on sources of the Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds, where the SNRs can be spatially resolved. We present a brief overview of theoretical background, analyze morphology and polarization properties, and review and critically discuss different methods applied to determine the radio spectrum and distances. The consequences of the interaction between the SNR shocks and the surrounding medium are examined, including the question of whether SNRs can trigger the formation of new stars. Cases of multispectral comparison are presented. A section is devoted to reviewing recent results of radio SNRs in the Magellanic Clouds, with particular emphasis on the radio properties of SN 1987A, an ideal laboratory to investigate dynamical evolution of an SNR in near real time. The review concludes with a summary of issues on radio SNRs that deserve further study, and analysis of the prospects for future research with the latest-generation radio telescopes.


ISM: supernova remnants Radio continuum: ISM  Radiation mechanisms: non-thermal ISM: cosmic rays 



We are very grateful to our colleagues Namir Kassim, David Green, and Gabriela Castelletti for the critical reading of this manuscript and useful comments. We thank CONICET (Argentina) for support through the Grant PIP 0736/11 and to ANPCyT (Argentina) through Grant PICT 0571/11. We have used images provided by C. Brogan, F. Giordano, L. Ksenofontov, C.-Y. Ng, S. Pineault, W. Reich, S. Reynolds, and E. Reynoso with permission of the authors, whom we thank.


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