The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review

, Volume 16, Issue 1–2, pp 1–153 | Cite as

Sixty-five years of solar radioastronomy: flares, coronal mass ejections and Sun–Earth connection

  • Monique PickEmail author
  • Nicole Vilmer
Review Article


This paper will review the input of 65 years of radio observations to our understanding of solar and solar–terrestrial physics. It is focussed on the radio observations of phenomena linked to solar activity in the period going from the first discovery of the radio emissions to present days. We shall present first an overview of solar radio physics focussed on the active Sun and on the premices of solar–terrestrial relationships from the discovery to the 1980s. We shall then discuss the input of radioastronomy both at metric/decimetric wavelengths and at centimetric/millimetric and submillimetric wavelengths to our understanding of flares. We shall also review some of the radio, X-ray and white-light signatures bringing new evidence for reconnection and current sheets in eruptive events. The input of radio images (obtained with a high temporal cadence) to the understanding of the initiation and fast development in the low corona of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) as well as the radio observations of shocks in the corona and in the interplanetary medium will be reviewed. The input of radio observations to our knowledge of the interplanetary magnetic structures (ICMEs) will be summarized; we shall show how radio observations linked to the propagation of electron beams allow to identify small scale structures in the heliosphere and to trace the connection between the Sun and interplanetary structures as far as 4AU. We shall also describe how the radio observations bring useful information on the relationship and connections between the energetic electrons in the corona and the electrons measured in-situ. The input of radio observations on the forecasting of the arrival time of shocks at the Earth as well as on Space Weather studies will be described. In the last section, we shall summarize the key results that have contributed to transform our knowledge of solar activity and its link with the interplanetary medium. In conclusion, we shall indicate the instrumental radio developments at Earth and in space, which are from our point of view, necessary for the future of solar and interplanetary physics.


Solar activity Solar coronal mass ejections Solar flares Solar radio radiation Solar terrestrial relations Interplanetary medium 


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