Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

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Multidisciplinary dynamic optimization of horizontal axis wind turbine design

  • Anand P. DeshmukhEmail author
  • James T. Allison


The design of physical (plant) and control aspects of a dynamic system have traditionally been treated as two separate problems, often solved in sequence. Optimizing plant and control design disciplines separately results in sub-optimal system designs that do not capitalize on the synergistic coupling between these disciplines. This coupling is inherent in most actively controlled dynamic systems, including wind turbines. In this case structural and control design both affect energy production and loads on the turbine. This article presents an integrated approach to achieve system-optimal wind turbine designs using co-design, a design methodology that accounts directly for the synergistic coupling between physical and control system design. A case study, based on multidisciplinary simulation, is presented here that demonstrates a promising increase (up to 8%) in annualized wind turbine energy production compared to the results of a conventional sequential design strategy. The case study also revealed specific synergistic mechanisms that enable performance improvements, which are accessible via co-design but not sequential design.


Wind Turbines Structural Design Optimal Control Dynamic Optimization 



Rotor power, W


Instantaneous wind speed, m/s


Cut–in wind speed, m/s


Cut-out wind speed, m/s


Plant design vector


Rotor torque, N ⋅m


Generator torque, N ⋅m


Gear ratio


Rotor inertia, kg ⋅m2


Generator side inertia, kg ⋅m2


Rotor torsional damping, N ⋅m/rad/s


Generator side torsional damping, N ⋅m/rad/s


Rotor speed, RPM


Speed on high-speed side (Generator), RPM


Blade pitch angle, deg


Tower height at the rotor hub, m


Turbine rotor radius, m


Turbine blade hub radius, m


Turbine rotor diameter, m


Turbine blade hub diameter, m


Rotor power coefficient


Rotor torque coefficient


Blade tip–speed ratio


Air density, kg/m3


Annualized energy production, kW ⋅h



This work was partially supported by the Clean Energy Education and Research Fellowship awarded to first author by the Graduate College at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This support is gratefully acknowledged.


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