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Structural dynamic topology optimization based on dynamic reliability using equivalent static loads

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An approach for reliability-based topology optimization of interval parameters structures under dynamic loads is proposed. We modify the equivalent static loads method for non linear static response structural optimization (ESLSO) to solve the dynamic reliability optimization problem. In our modified ESLSO, the equivalent static loads (ESLs) are redefined to consider the uncertainties. The new ESLs including all the uncertainties from geometric dimensions, material properties and loading conditions generate the same interval response field as dynamic loads. Based on the definition of the interval non-probabilistic reliability index, we construct the static reliability topology optimization model using ESLs. The method of moving asymptotes (MMA) is employed as the optimization problem solver. The applicability and validity of the proposed model and numerical techniques are demonstrated with three numerical examples.

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  • Topology optimization
  • Non-probability reliability
  • Equivalent static loads
  • Dynamic response optimization
  • Interval parameters structure