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On the minimal cover property and certain notions of finite

  • Eleftherios TachtsisEmail author


In set theory without the axiom of choice, we investigate the deductive strength of the principle “every topological space with the minimal cover property is compact”, and its relationship with certain notions of finite as well as with properties of linearly ordered sets and partially ordered sets.


Axiom of choice Weak axioms of choice Minimal cover property Compact space Notions of finite Partially ordered set Linearly ordered set Cofinal well-founded subset of a partially ordered set Chain and antichain in a partially ordered set Fraenkel–Mostowski (FM) permutation models of ZFA + ¬AC Pincus’ transfer theorems 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 03E25 Secondary 03E35 06A05 06A06 06A07 54D30 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of the AegeanKarlovassi, SamosGreece

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