, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 305–331

Information and Communication Technologies, Organisations and Skills: Convergence and Persistence

  • Francesco Garibaldo
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This article, first of all, supports the idea that the undeniable process of ICT-based technological convergence implies the social, cultural and business unification of the world of media and culture. The poor performance of the megamerger is a clear indicator of the unstable ground of the convergence hypothesis. Secondly, it argues in favour of cooperation between different expertise, skills and cultures to make multimedia products or to supply multimedia services, instead of creating from scratch a brand new class of hybrid skills and professions. Thirdly, a variety of new possible and realistically achievable professional profiles in cultural industries and institutions are illustrated. Eventually a set of public policies, in the light of a new role for cities and regions, is developed.

Key words: Citizenship – Convergence – Cooperation – Cultural institutions – Hybrid systems – Inclusion – Knowledge worker – Policy networks – Vocational training 


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  • Francesco Garibaldo
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  1. 1.Fondazione ‘Istituto Per il Lavoro (IPL)’ via Marconi 8, Bologna, ItalyItaly

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