Francesca Ferrando (2019): Philosophical Posthumanism. Theory in the New Humanities, Series Editor: Rosi Braidotti, Preface by Rosi Braidotti). Bloomsbury Academic (27 June, 2019), Hardcover, 296 pages, ISBN-10: 1350059501, ISBN-13: 978-1350059504

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Book Review

Francesca Ferrando’s book Philosophical Posthumanismis a pioneering work in the rather young intellectual tradition of Posthumanism. It can be read as a handbook outlining the different schools of thought pertaining to Post- and Transhumanism, their origin and agenda. It is also an original contribution to the ongoing debate around the future of humans in theory and practice. Ferrando’s claim that Philosophical Posthumanism (PP) is not only a theory, but also a practice indicates that the author’s notion of philosophy is informed by her studies of the classics as well as her thorough knowledge and engagement in gender studies. Rosi Braidotti describes the character of the book in her very engaging foreword as a “joyful de-familiarization” (XVI) from the inherited habits and schools of thought. Ferrando aims at giving a thorough overview of the main lines of thought and schools surrounding post- and transhumanism in order to develop a clear-cut picture of what PP is and how it differs...

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