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DELINQUENT GENIUS: the strange affair of man and his technology

Mike Cooley, Spokesman 2018, Russell House, Bulwell Lane, Nottingham, NG6 6BT, England,, ISBN: 978-0-851-24878-3
  • Karamjit S. GillEmail author
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Whether you are a connoisseur of artificial intelligence or a critical observer of its foundation ideas, interested in the automation vs augmentation debate, an explorer of the potential of art, science, technology and society, collective intelligence for common good, or concerned with implications of singularity, reductionist minds, ‘certified society’, binary age, Frankensteinian dream of robotic colonies, ‘digital Darwinism’, ‘technocratic narcissism’, or enchanted by the creativity of Brunelleschi, Leonardo and Michelangelo, loving care of Florence Nightingale, or a student of history of ideas, curious about Francis Crick, DNA and Dreams, Heidegger and the ‘Sacred Design’, an admiring observer of Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein or Polanyi, or intrigued by the Faustian Exchange of big data, machine learning, deep mind, Internet of Things, this book, DELINQUENT GENIUS, by Mike Cooley, is for you. In its incarnation of a technological genius, the human can create the beauty of...



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