A machine is cheaper than a human for the same task

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To what extent is Artificial Intelligence taking over our lives?

In fact, Artificial Intelligence has not yet arrived. Or just a small sample. Most of what today is, rather too spectacularly, called Artificial Intelligence is what, in Computer Science, the more rigorous scientists call Data Science. Essentially, it is a technology that recognizes patterns or images. The Google translator or Siri, that translate full sentences, does not understand anything about them at all. They simply resort to a huge database to find very similar phrases. This is nevertheless useful, but AI is much more than that—it stands for a larger whole that involves imagining, arguing, proving mathematical theorems, and very much of that is still missing in the day-to-day applications that nowadays enjoy so much fuss. So, AI is still going to take care of our lives, but in much more sophisticated ways.

Will machines think?

Of course. Let us say they are another tool that humans will have, as they once had the...


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