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A long-standing encounter

  • Rafael CapurroEmail author
Open Forum

Hubert Dreyfus invited me to his office at the University of California, Berkeley in November of 1992. I was on sabbatical and had just participated in the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS) that was held in Pittsburgh, October 23–29, 1992, where I talked about ‘Information Technologies and Technologies of the Self’ (Capurro 1987b) and referred to the book by Dreyfus and Paul Rabinow on Michel Foucault (Dreyfus and Rabinow 1983). Leading up to my meeting with Dreyfus, I met my friend and colleague Thomas Froehlich (Kent State University, School of Library and Information Science) as well as German philosopher Wolfgang Schirmacher (New School for Social Research, New York). I had also consulted with the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies at Rutgers University, and the Department of Information Studies, University of California at Los Angeles. Finally, I had the fortuitous opportunity to speak with the Buddhist expert, Liu...


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