Peter R. A. Oeij, Diana Rus and Frank D. Pot (Editors): Workplace Innovation: Theory, Research and Practice

In the series Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-Being Springer, Switzerland 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-56332-9 413 pp
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For over two decades, there have been efforts in the European Union to build a world-leading approach to business and economic activity which had a strong social dimension. As the EU has grown in membership and economic strength, it has been important to develop a collaborative culture, in which differences are respected, and seen as a resource for learning. Rather than favouring business gurus, on the model of the USA or Japan, there have been a series of Framework Programmes, based on agreed work programmes, which have engaged participation from member countries. This has been the “European Project”, which the UK government will now leave behind, with the UK’s departure from the European Union.

This valuable anthology “Workplace Innovation: Theory, Research and Practice” brings together authoritative chapters from veteran leading researchers in the influential field of Workplace Innovation. Much of the work has been associated with the European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN),...

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