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Preparing for the future of Artificial Intelligence

  • Alan BundyEmail author
Book Review

In October 2016, the US National Science and Technology Council published a report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) (United States 2016) that summarised evidence from a wide variety of sources on how they expect AI to develop, what impact it would have and what actions it recommended the US Government to take. It built on several previous US Government reports, e.g. United States (2014, 2016), and consulted widely among AI experts in the USA, e.g. Horvitz and Selman (2009) and five workshops. A companion document has also been published: “The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan”, which lays out a strategic plan for federally funded research and development in AI.

Overall, this is a comprehensive report, which I recommend to anyone wanting a balanced review of the state of the AI art, its potential impact and what ethical, economic and societal issues it presents. It does, of course, duck some of the more difficult issues—or rather recommend that...


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