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Understanding the social impact of ICN: between myth and reality

  • G. Piro
  • S. Signorello
  • M. R. Palattella
  • L. A. GriecoEmail author
  • G. Boggia
  • T. Engel
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The information-centric networking (ICN) paradigm is attracting more and more interest from the research community due to its peculiarities that make it one of the best candidates for constructing the future Internet. For this reason, there are many papers in literature that study how to transform ICN principles in reality in order to magnify its relevance for the society. In order to provide a solid summary of the state of the art, the present contribution tries to summarize the main findings related to this research field. In particular, an overview on the most important ICN architectures, their main aspects, common networking approaches, and differences is provided. Moreover, the work carried out in standardization bodies, with particular attention to the list of baseline scenarios defined in this context, is illustrated. Also the main international projects that are trying to integrate ICN networking primitives in pioneering use cases are presented, describing proposed architectures and related challenges for enabling information-centric primitives in current network infrastructures. Finally, the work highlights design principles and core components to build ICN-enabled network devices.


Future internet Information-centric networking Software-defined networking Hardware design 



This work was partially supported by the BONVOYAGE project, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 635867 and by the CoSDN project, INTER/POLLUX/12/4434480, and the IDSECOM project, INTER/POLLUX/13/6450335, both funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg.


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