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Bernhard Irrgang: Handling technical power: philosophy of technology

Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany, 2014, 224 pp., $74.00, ISBN: 978-3-515-10919-2 (Print)/978-3-515-10927-7 (E-Book)
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Handling Technical Power: Philosophy of Technology is the English translation of the German original, Grundriss der Technikphilosophie: Hermeneutisch-phänomenologischePerspektiven (Würzburg: Königshausen u. Neumann, 2009)—literally, Outline of a Philosophy of Technology: HermeneuticalPhenomenological Perspectives—of Bernhard Irrgang, prolific professor of philosophy of technology at Dresden University of Technology. Irrgang has been writing on the subject since the 1980s.

The English title, Handling Technical Power, which deviates from the original German, brings out the central theme of the book very well, and hence is a positive change. The argument of the book in a nutshell is: technical power has always pervaded human world as it arises from the central practical interest of human beings—a pragmatic, interested, care-invested handling of their world—but the enormity and reach of technical power has increased over the modern period with both emancipatory and perilous consequences,...

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