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Beyond logic and rhetoric: the argumentative scientist

  • Karamjit S. GillEmail author

In the world of expanding googling and growing wikiness, how can the argumentative scientist employ dialectics as a tool to transcend the old division of rhetoric from knowledge, while still holding to rhetoric as civic art? Could dialectic open a new avenue for rethinking the relationship between logic and rhetoric or would it further constrain public debate to a narrow agenda of rhetoric of unreason? What are the implications of rhetoric appropriating logic as a tool of public persuasion or logic turning rhetoric into a craft of public argument? What are the opportunities of dialectics as a tool of public argument, by seeking dialogical connections between rhetoric and logic? Recently, reflection on these issues was prompted by the conflicting argument between Massimo Negrotti and gatekeepers of Wikipedia (WP) (

Negrotti’s argument for inclusion of his article on Theory of Naturoids can be seen to be based on the...


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