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Comparison of SIFT, Bi-SIFT, and Tri-SIFT and their frequency spectrum analysis

  • Kazim Şekeroğlu
  • Ömer Muhammet SoysalEmail author
Original Paper


This paper aims to explore frequency behavior of isotropic (regular SIFT) and anisotropic (Bi-SIFT and Tri-SIFT) versions of the scale-space keypoint detection algorithm SIFT. We introduced a new smoothing function Trilateral filter that can be used in formation of a scale-space as an alternative to the Gaussian scale-space. The number of matching pixels, warping error, and scatteredness are employed in comparison. We made the comparison out of face dataset and object dataset for scale, orientation, and view-angle transformations as well as lighting and compression variations. The comparison results show that anisotropic smoothing detects more keypoints than isotropic one. The Tri-SIFT is more robust to variation in viewpoint angle.


SIFT Image enhancement Image representation Image filter Anisotropic filter 

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