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Normalized filter pool for prior modeling of nature images

  • Yangang WangEmail author
  • Jinli Suo
  • Qionghai Dai
Original Paper


Markov random field (MRF), as one of special undirected graphs, is widely used in modeling priors of natural images. Targeting to learn better prior models from a given database, we explore the natural image statistics at different scales and build normalized filter pool, a kind of high-order MRF, for prior learning of nature images. The main contribution of the proposed model is that we construct a multi-scale MRF model through constraining the norms of filters in kernel space and integrate all the filtering responses in a unified framework. We formulate both learning and inference as constrained optimization problems and solve them using augmented Lagrange method. The experiment results demonstrate that the normalization of filters at different scales helps to achieve fast convergence in learning stage and obtain superior performance in image restoration, e.g., image denoising and image inpainting.


High-order Markov random field Multi-scale Normalized filter pool Image denoising Image inpainting 



We would like thank all the reviewers. This work was supported in part by NSFC (No. 61305026).


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