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Tracking of vehicle trajectory by combining a camera and a laser rangefinder

  • Y. Goyat
  • T. ChateauEmail author
  • L. Trassoudaine
Original Paper


This article presents a probabilistic method for vehicle tracking using a sensor composed of both a camera and a laser rangefinder. Two main contributions will be set forth in this paper. The first involves the definition of an original likelihood function based on the projection of simplified 3D vehicle models. We will also propose an efficient approach to compute this function using a line-based integral image. The second contribution focuses on a sampling algorithm designed to handle several sources. The resulting modified particle filter is capable of naturally merging several observation functions in a straightforward manner. Many trajectories of a vehicle equipped with a kinematic GPS1 have been measured on actual field sites, with a video system specially developed for the project. This field input has made it possible to experimentally validate the result obtained from the algorithm. The ultimate goal of this research is to derive a better understanding of driver behavior in order to assist road managers in their effort to ensure network safety.


Visual tracking Particle filter Sensor fusion 


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  2. 2.LASMEAAubière CedexFrance

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