Deciphering factors that influence the value of tele-ICU programs

  • Christian D. BeckerEmail author
  • Mario V. Fusaro
  • Corey Scurlock

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The underlying drivers for ICU telemedicine solutions have primarily been the critical care resource supply/demand mismatch: an aging population with increased ICU utilization and geographic concentration of intensivists in large urban areas, creating access issues elsewhere. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis described significant positive effects of tele-ICU implementation on ICU mortality and length of stay (LOS), which less consistently also translate into reductions of hospital mortality and LOS, as a variety of non-ICU-driven factors influence those metrics (see Table) [1]. Our own recent meta-analysis adds that, while overall ICU mortality reductions can be expected through tele-ICU implementation, the largest ICU mortality improvements can be expected in ICUs with high pre-implementation standardized ICU mortality ratios (observed over expected by risk prediction) [2].

We have also learned that how tele-ICU implementations are planned and executed...




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  3. 3.Department of MedicineWestchester Medical CenterValhallaUSA
  4. 4.Department of AnesthesiologyNew York Medical CollegeValhallaUSA
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