Spatial Distribution of Mercury in the Surface Soils of the Urban Areas, Arak, Iran

  • Eisa Solgi
  • Abbas Esmaili-Sari
  • Alireza Riyahi-Bakhtiari


This study assessed the baseline concentrations and spatial distribution of total mercury (Hg) in urban soils of the city of Arak, Iran. Concentrations of Hg were determined in soil collected from urban areas, and the spatial distribution was analyzed using the semivariogram approach in geostatistical technology. Mercury in soil ranged from 66.3 to 581 µg/kg. The experimental variogram of soil mercury concentrations was best-fitted by a spherical model. A spatial distribution map revealed that Hg concentration showed decreasing trends from south to north, west to east and center to suburb. Overall, the results showed that Hg concentrations in urban soils of Arak may be considered medium or low.


Total mercury Urban soils Spatial distribution Geostatistics Arak City 



The authors gratefully acknowledge funding provided for this study by the Tarbiat Modares University of Iran. Also the authors are grateful to Dr M. Solgi (Head of Department of Horticulture at Arak University) for his support and assistance in this research.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Eisa Solgi
    • 1
  • Abbas Esmaili-Sari
    • 2
  • Alireza Riyahi-Bakhtiari
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Environment, Faculty of Natural Resources and EnvironmentMalayer UniversityMalayerIran
  2. 2.Department of Environment, Faculty of Natural Resources and Marine ScienceTarbiat Modares UniversityNoorIran

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