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Assessment of Metal Concentrations in Sediments from Lake Bafa (Western Anatolia): An Index Analysis Approach

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Metals, organic carbon contents were determined in surficial and core sediment samples from Lake Bafa, Western Anatolia in 2010. The ranges of Fe, Mn, Pb, Cu, Ni, Cr, Zn and Hg contents of sediments from the Bafa Lake were 9.4–35 gkg−1, 250–780, 2.3–20, 5.8–55, 1.2–480, 63–278, 26.6–79.9 and 0.013–0.273 mg kg−1, respectively. The mean metal concentrations in surficial sediments obtained in this study decreased in the following order; Fe > Mn > Ni > Cr > Zn > Cu > Pb > Hg for Bafa lake. Total organic carbon concentrations of the bottom sediments from the Bafa Lake varied between 0.35 % and 3.58 %. The mean concentrations of metal were lower than the background levels in earth crust except Cr and Ni in the core sediments. The metal levels were evaluated according to the New Geo-accumulation Index, enrichment and contamination factors. The results confirmed that the Bafa Lake is not facing serious environmental pollution risk due to metal contamination except Hg. The levels of Cr, Ni, Cu, Fe, Zn and Mn generally appear to be uniformly distributed with depth except Hg and Pb due to anthropogenic sources in the core sediments.

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Financial support by the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK) (Grant No: 110Y002) for this work is gratefully appreciated. We would like to thank Res. Assist. Can EYTEMIZ and Suheda EDREMIT for bathymetric survey and also to thank Gamze KORDACI for assistance during the sediment sampling.

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  • Metals
  • Lake sediment
  • Enrichment factor
  • Contamination factor
  • New Geo-accumulation Index
  • Bafa Lake (Western Anatolia)