Estimation of Etofenprox Residues in Tomato Fruits by QuEChERS Methodology and HPLC–DAD

  • Farag Malhat
  • Hend Abdallah
  • Islam Nasr


Etofenprox residues were estimated by employing standardized QuEChERS technique in tomato following one application of Trebon® 20 % EC. The average recoveries of etofenprox on tomato for fortification levels 0.01, 0.1 and 0.5 mg/kg were observed to be 87.5 %, 89.7 % and 92.2 %, respectively, with relative standard division of 3.50, 4.11 and 3.20. The LOQ for tomato was found to be 0.01 mg/kg. The average initial deposit of etofenprox on tomato was observed to be 0.783 mg/kg, at single application rate. This etofenprox residue dissipated below its LOQ of 0.01 after 15 days at a single dosage. Half-life of etofenprox was observed to be 2.15 days, at the recommended dosage. These data could provide guidance for the proper and safe use of this pesticide on tomato in Egypt.


Tomato Etofenprox QuEChERS Dissipation 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Central Agricultural Pesticide Laboratory, Department of Pesticide Residues and Environmental PollutionAgriculture Research CenterDokki, GizaEgypt

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