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Long-Term Changes in Imposex Frequency in File Dogwinkles, Nucella lima G., and Tributyltin Concentrations in Bay Mussels, Mytilus trossulus G.

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We quantified imposex in file dogwinkles (Nucella lima) and tributyltin (TBT) contamination in bay mussels (Mytilus trossulus) from a number of sites in Auke Bay, Alaska, previously studied in the late 1980s. Imposex occurence and TBT contamination have generally declined in spatial extent and severity over time. However, high levels of TBT contamination (0.069 μg TBT/g wet tissue wt.) and imposex (100% of females affected) are still present near a large boat docking facility in the bay and deserve continued attention because of the importance of this bay to the local economy and fisheries.

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We thank B. Hansen, T. Ward, D. Stoops, A. Badilla, J. Saulus, and T. Ralston for help with sample collections and analyses. Thanks to A. Whiteley and S. Tamone for helpful comments on the manuscript, and to E. Knuth for help with Fig. 2. These authors were partially supported by North Pacific Research Board project #727.

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  • Nucella lima
  • Mytilus trossulus
  • Imposex
  • Tributyltin