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Cytogenetic Biomonitoring of the Mzamza Population Exposed to Untreated Wastewaters

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A cytogenetic biomonitoring study was performed on people from the Mzamza community near Settat, Morocco. These subjects live in and near the Bou Moussa valley where wastewaters from a great number of industries are discharged without any treatment. This wastewater is used as a source of drinking water for their cattle and irrigation of their land. The Mzamza population is therefore presumably exposed to continuous low doses of different kinds of pollutants. Our study demonstrated significant increases in micronucleated white blood cells indicating a considerable genetic risk in these subjects.

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This work received the financial support of the Research Center for the International Development and Ford Foundation (IDRC/Ford programs Ecosanté N° 100771-0004).

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Correspondence to A. Hilali.

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  • Cytogenetic biomonitoring
  • Micronucleus test
  • Mitotic index
  • Proliferation index
  • Mzamza population
  • Wastewater