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High rates of psychosis for black inpatients in Padua and Montreal: different contexts, similar findings



This study tested the hypothesis that despite differences in setting, specifically in Padua or Montreal, black psychiatric inpatients will have higher rates of assigned diagnosis of psychosis than their non-black counterparts.


Data on psychotic patients admitted to the psychiatry ward were extracted from records of general hospitals in Padua and Montreal. Logistic regression analyses were conducted separately for each site to determine the relation between being black and receiving a diagnosis of psychosis, while controlling for sex and age.


Most black patients at both sites received a diagnosis of psychosis (76% in Padua and 81% in Montreal). Being black was independently and positively associated with being diagnosed with psychosis compared to patients from other groups.


Black patients admitted to psychiatry, whether in Padua or Montreal, were more likely to be assigned a diagnosis of psychosis than were other patients.

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