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Walter L. Pohl (2011) Economic geology: principles and practice. Metals, minerals, coal and hydrocarbons—introduction to formation and sustainable exploitation of mineral deposits

Wiley-Blackwell, ISBN 978-1-4443-3663-4, 663 p, 40.00 GBP
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Economic Geology: Principles and Practice is a veritable magnum opus. The 663-page book, which owes its beginnings to the volume published by Wilhelm and Walther E. Petrascheck in 1950, has gone through five subsequent German versions prior to this much-expanded English edition. Walter Pohl, the author, has tried–largely successfully–to provide a broad overview of metallic, non-metallic and hydrocarbon deposits, covering many aspects of their genesis, exploration, assessment and exploitation through to eventual closure. The treatment is both entertaining and eminently practical.

The first of the four main parts, dealing with metalliferous deposits, begins with an all-embracing, process-oriented summary of the world's principal ore-deposit types. Coverage is complete, although some imbalance is perhaps inevitably present. For example, notwithstanding their vastly different exploration and economic significance, siderite replacement deposits are presented about as prominently as...

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