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High-purity quartz mineralisation in kyanite quartzites, Norway


This study presents an evaluation of Norwegian kyanite quartzites from Gullsteinberget, Knøsberget, Kjeksberget, Sormbrua, Tverrådalen, Juovvačorrú and Nasafjellet as potential deposits of high-purity quartz (HPQ) for use as raw material for special applications in high-technology industries. Fine-grained quartz, which forms 70 to 85 vol.% of these rocks, generally contains less than 50 μg g−1 (total sum) of the structurally incorporated trace elements B, Li, Al, Ge, Ti, Fe, Mn, K and P. The concentrations are in the same range as those found in HPQ products, which are being mined and produced in Norway and elsewhere. Quartz analyses were performed using laser ablation–inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Complimentary whole-rock analyses and cathodoluminescence studies of quartz were carried out to reveal processes, which have led to the low trace-element concentrations in quartz. This discovery, together with a better knowledge of the processes leading to the formation of HPQ in kyanite quartzites, could lead to the recognition of a new global type of HPQ resource applicable for industrial use. However, the processing technology necessary to separate HPQ from kyanite quartzite economically has not been developed so far.

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This study was supported by the Geological Survey of Norway Project 286100. The authors are grateful to R.B. Larsen and S. Swanson for their helpful reviews. The data from the Rio Levele deposit are included with the permission of the National Directorate of Geology, Mozambique. We greatly appreciate the critical comments and language improvement of R. Boyd.

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