Hypoglycaemia induces recruitment of non-classical monocytes and cytotoxic lymphocyte subsets in type 1 diabetes

  • Jacqueline M. Ratter
  • Hanne M. M. Rooijackers
  • Cor W. M. Jacobs
  • Bastiaan E. de Galan
  • Cees J. Tack
  • Rinke Stienstra
Research Letter


Hypoglycaemia Inflammation Type 1 diabetes 



Peripheral blood mononuclear cell



The authors thank all volunteers for participating in this work. We are indebted to K. Saini and A. Hofboer-Kapteijns (Clinical Research Center Nijmegen, Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands) for assistance during the glucose clamps.

Contribution statement

JR, HR, BdG, CT and RS designed the study. JR performed and analysed flow cytometry experiments. HR recruited patients and performed clamps. CJ assisted in performance and analysis of flow cytometry measurements. JR and RS wrote the paper. HR, CJ, BdG and CT critically revised the paper for important intellectual content. All authors approved the final manuscript to be published. RS is the guarantor of this work.


Research support from the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation (DFN 2012.00.1542), Sanofi (unrestricted research grant) and the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes is gratefully acknowledged. RS is supported by a VIDI-grant from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and a senior fellowship from the Dutch Diabetes Foundation.

Duality of interest

The authors declare no potential conflicts of interests relevant to this study.


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Copyright information

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Internal MedicineRadboud University Medical CenterNijmegenthe Netherlands
  2. 2.Division of Human Nutrition and HealthWageningen UniversityWageningenthe Netherlands

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