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Prevention of autoimmune diabetes by immunogene therapy using recombinant vaccinia virus expressing glutamic acid decarboxylase


Aims/hypotheses. Type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus results from T-cell-mediated autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta cells. Among the beta-cell autoantigens that have been implicated in triggering of beta-cell-specific autoimmunity, glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) is a strong candidate in both humans and the NOD mouse. We aimed to determine whether treatment with a recombinant vaccinia virus expressing GAD (rVV-GAD65) could prevent the development of diabetes in NOD mice.

Methods. Three-eight-to-nine-week-old female NOD mice were injected with various doses of rVV-GAD65 or rVV-MJ601as a control. We then examined the incidence of diabetes, T-cell proliferative response to GAD, amounts of anti-GAD IgGs, cytokine production and generation of regulatory cell populations.

Results. Administration of rVV-GAD65 to NOD mice prevented diabetes in an age-dependent and dose-dependent manner. Splenic T cells from rVV-GAD65-treated mice did not proliferate in response to GAD65. The amount of IgG1 was increased, whereas IgG2a amounts did not change in rVV-GAD65-treated NOD mice. The production of interleukin-4 increased, whereas the production of interferon-γ decreased in rVV-GAD65-treated mice after stimulation with GAD. Furthermore, splenocytes from rVV-GAD65-treated NOD mice prevented the transfer of diabetes by splenocytes from acutely diabetic NOD mice in NOD.scid recipients.

Conclusion/interpretation. Immunogene therapy using a recombinant vaccinia virus expressing GAD results in the prevention of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice by the induction of immunological tolerance through active suppression of effector T cells, and this treatment might have therapeutic value for the prevention of Type I diabetes.

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Received: 5 November 2001 and in revised form: 16 January 2002

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Jun, H., Chung, Y., Han, J. et al. Prevention of autoimmune diabetes by immunogene therapy using recombinant vaccinia virus expressing glutamic acid decarboxylase. Diabetologia 45, 668–676 (2002).

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