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Sequence characterization of microsatellites in diploid and polyploid Ipomoea

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 The objectives of the present study were to evaluate the inheritance and nucleotide sequence profiles of microsatellite genetic markers in hexaploid sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.] and its putative tetraploid and diploid ancestors, and to test possible microsatellite mutation mechanisms in polyploids by direct sequencing of alleles. Sixty three microsatellite loci were isolated from genomic libraries of I. batatas and sequenced. PCR primers were designed and used to characterize microsatellite loci in two hexaploid I. batatas populations, a tetraploid Ipomoea trifida population, and a diploid I. trifida population. Nine out of the sixty three primer pairs tested yielded a clearly discernible, heritable banding pattern; five showed Mendelian segregation. All other primer pairs produced either smeared banding patterns, which could not be scored, or no bands at all in I. batatas. All of the primers which produced discernible banding patterns from I. batatas also amplified products of similar size in tetraploid and diploid I. trifida accessions. The sequence analysis of several alleles in the three species showed differences due to mutations in the repeat regions consistent with small differences in the repeat number. However, in some cases insertions/deletions and base substitutions in the microsatellite flanking regions were responsible for polymorphisms in both polyploid and diploid species. These results provide strong empirical evidence that complex genetic mechanisms are responsible for SSR allelic variation in Ipomoea. Four I. batatas microsatellite loci showed polysomic segregation fitting tetraploid segregation ratios. To our knowledge this is the first report of segregation ratios for microsatellites markers in polyploids.

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Received: 4 January 1999 / Accepted: 4 January 1999

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Buteler, M., Jarret, R. & LaBonte, D. Sequence characterization of microsatellites in diploid and polyploid Ipomoea. Theor Appl Genet 99, 123–132 (1999). https://doi.org/10.1007/s001220051216

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  • Key words Microsatellite DNA
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