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Molecular mapping around the centromere of tomato chromosome 6 using irradiation-induced deletions


 Irradiation-induced deletion mapping was exploited to construct a detailed locus-order map around the centromere of tomato chromosome 6 (CEN  6). An F1 hybrid heterozygous for the marker loci thiamineless (tl), yellow virescent (yv) and potato leaf (c), and homozygous recessive for the nematode resistance gene mi, was pollinated with γ-irradiated pollen from cultivar VFNT Cherry carrying the wild-type alleles at the corresponding loci. A dose of 100 Gy was found optimal for inducing mutants. By screening for pseudo-dominant plants showing the marker phenotypes and/or nematode susceptibility, 30 deletions encompassing one or more of the four loci were detected in the M1 generation. Molecular-marker analysis revealed that 29 of these mutants included the tl and mi loci on the short arm and originated from terminal deletions of different sizes. Remarkably, the breakpoints of these deletions were not randomly distributed along the short arm but located within the centromeric heterochromatin. Only one yv interstitial deletion and no c mutations on the long arm of the chromosome were detected. Mapping of the various chromosomal breakpoints in the isolated mutants permitted the resolution of a cluster of molecular markers from the centromeric heterochromatin that was hitherto unresolvable by genetic linkage analysis. The usefulness of such a deletion-mapping approach for whole-genome mapping is discussed.

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Received: 4 March 1997 / Accepted: 2 June 1997

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Liharska, T., Hontelez, J., van Kammen, A. et al. Molecular mapping around the centromere of tomato chromosome 6 using irradiation-induced deletions. Theor Appl Genet 95, 969–974 (1997).

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