From markers to genome-based breeding in wheat

  • Awais Rasheed
  • Xianchun XiaEmail author
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Key message

Recent technological advances in wheat genomics provide new opportunities to uncover genetic variation in traits of breeding interest and enable genome-based breeding to deliver wheat cultivars for the projected food requirements for 2050.


There has been tremendous progress in development of whole-genome sequencing resources in wheat and its progenitor species during the last 5 years. High-throughput genotyping is now possible in wheat not only for routine gene introgression but also for high-density genome-wide genotyping. This is a major transition phase to enable genome-based breeding to achieve progressive genetic gains to parallel to projected wheat production demands. These advances have intrigued wheat researchers to practice less pursued analytical approaches which were not practiced due to the short history of genome sequence availability. Such approaches have been successful in gene discovery and breeding applications in other crops and animals for which genome sequences have been available for much longer. These strategies include, (i) environmental genome-wide association studies in wheat genetic resources stored in genbanks to identify genes for local adaptation by using agroclimatic traits as phenotypes, (ii) haplotype-based analyses to improve the statistical power and resolution of genomic selection and gene mapping experiments, (iii) new breeding strategies for genome-based prediction of heterosis patterns in wheat, and (iv) ultimate use of genomics information to develop more efficient and robust genome-wide genotyping platforms to precisely predict higher yield potential and stability with greater precision. Genome-based breeding has potential to achieve the ultimate objective of ensuring sustainable wheat production through developing high yielding, climate-resilient wheat cultivars with high nutritional quality.



The authors are grateful to Prof. R. A. McIntosh, Plant Breeding Institute, University of Sydney, for critical review of this manuscript. This work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31461143021, 31550110212), and CAAS Science and Technology Innovation Program.

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We declare no conflict of interest

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We declare that these works complied with the ethical standards in China.


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