Theoretical and Applied Genetics

, Volume 127, Issue 7, pp 1463–1489 | Cite as

Genetic and molecular bases of yield-associated traits: a translational biology approach between rice and wheat

  • Ravi ValluruEmail author
  • Matthew P. Reynolds
  • Jerome Salse


Transferring the knowledge bases between related species may assist in enlarging the yield potential of crop plants. Being cereals, rice and wheat share a high level of gene conservation; however, they differ at metabolic levels as a part of the environmental adaptation resulting in different yield capacities. This review focuses on the current understanding of genetic and molecular regulation of yield-associated traits in both crop species, highlights the similarities and differences and presents the putative knowledge gaps. We focus on the traits associated with phenology, photosynthesis, and assimilate partitioning and lodging resistance; the most important drivers of yield potential. Currently, there are large knowledge gaps in the genetic and molecular control of such major biological processes that can be filled in a translational biology approach in transferring genomics and genetics informations between rice and wheat.


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