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Identification of adult plant resistance to stripe rust in the wheat cultivar Cappelle-Desprez

  • G. M. Agenbag
  • Z. A. Pretorius
  • L. A. Boyd
  • C. M. Bender
  • R. Prins
Original Paper


Following the appearance of stripe rust in South Africa in 1996, efforts have been made to identify new sources of durable resistance. The French cultivar Cappelle-Desprez has long been considered a source of durable, adult plant resistance (APR) to stripe rust. As Cappelle-Desprez contains the seedling resistance genes Yr3a and Yr4a, wheat lines were developed from which Yr3a and Yr4a had been removed, while selecting for Cappelle-Desprez derived APR effective against South African pathotypes of the stripe rust fungus, Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici. Line Yr16DH70, adapted to South African wheat growing conditions, was selected and crossed to the stripe rust susceptible cultivar Palmiet to develop a segregating recombinant inbred line mapping population. A major effect QTL, QYr.ufs-2A was identified on the short arm of chromosome 2A derived from Cappelle-Desprez, along with three QTL of smaller effect, QYr.ufs-2D, QYr.ufs-5B and QYr.ufs-6D. QYr.ufs-2D was located within a region on the short arm of chromosome 2D believed to be the location of the stripe rust resistance gene Yr16. An additional minor effect QTL, QYr.ufs-4B, was identified in the cv. Palmiet. An examination of individual RILs carrying single or combinations of each QTL indicated significant resistance effects when QYr.ufs-2A was combined with the three minor QTL from Cappelle-Desprez, and between QYr.ufs-2D and QYr.ufs-5B.


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We would like to thank FJ Kloppers (PANNAR) for the trial site and stewardship of the field plot. Chrisna Steyn and Ruth MacCormack are thanked for technical assistance and Aletta Bester-van der Merwe for assistance with statistical analysis. The South African Winter Cereal Research Trust, National Research Foundation, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Department for International Development (BBSRC/DFID) are acknowledged for financial support. The BBSRC/DFID is also thanked for the PhD scholarship of GM Agenbag.

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  • G. M. Agenbag
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  • Z. A. Pretorius
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  • L. A. Boyd
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  • C. M. Bender
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  • R. Prins
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