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A grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) genetic map integrating the position of 139 expressed genes

  • Marzia Salmaso
  • Giulia Malacarne
  • Michela Troggio
  • Giorgia Faes
  • Marco Stefanini
  • M. Stella Grando
  • Riccardo Velasco
Original Paper


Grapevine molecular maps based on microsatellites, AFLP and RAPD markers are now available. SSRs are essential to allow cross-talks between maps, thus upgrading any growing grapevine maps. In this work, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were developed from coding sequences and from unique BAC-end sequences, and nested in a SSR framework map of grapevine. Genes participating to flavonoids metabolism and defence, and signal transduction pathways related genes were also considered. Primer pairs for 351 loci were developed from ESTs present on public databases and screened for polymorphism in the “Merzling” (a complex genotype Freiburg 993–60 derived from multiple crosses also involving wild Vitis species) × Vitis vinifera (cv. Teroldego) cross population. In total 138 SNPs, 108 SSR markers and a phenotypic trait (berry colour) were mapped in 19 major linkage groups of the consensus map. In specific cases, ESTs with putatively related functions mapped near QTLs previously identified for resistance and berry ripening. Genes related to anthocyanin metabolism mapped in different linkage groups. A myb gene, which has been correlated with anthocyanin biosynthesis, cosegregated with berry colour on linkage group 2. The possibility of associating candidate genes to known position of QTL is discussed for this plant.



This work has been supported by the Cass di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto Foundation. We thank Rosalba Grillo for providing technical support and Cinzia Segala for processing ESTs. Particular thanks to Francesco Salamini and Silvia Vezzulli for the critical reading of the manuscript.

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  • Giulia Malacarne
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  • Michela Troggio
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  • Giorgia Faes
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  • Marco Stefanini
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  • M. Stella Grando
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  1. 1.Genetics and Molecular Biology DepartmentIstituto Agrario San Michele all’AdigeSan Michele a/A (TN)Italy
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