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Characterization of lipoxygenase-1 null mutants in barley


This study describes the discovery and characterization of lipoxygenase-1 (LOX-1) null mutants in barley. Six lines did not exhibit any significant LOX activity in the silenced seed extract. Immunological analysis showed that these lines lacked the authentic LOX-1 protein. Genetic analysis of the F2 population revealed that this trait was governed by a single recessive gene located at the LoxA locus on chromosome 4H. The six LOX-1 null mutants shared similar features and the same unique polymorphism in a structural gene region, implying that these mutants might be derived from the same ancestral origin.

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We thank Dr. A. Graner for generously providing the RFLP probes. We also thank Mr. Syouichi Arai, Mr. Wataru Saito, Dr. Ryouichi Kanatani and Dr. Kensuke Ogushi for their excellent maintenance of the plant materials.

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Correspondence to N. Hirota.

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  • Barley
  • Lipoxygenase-1
  • Null mutant
  • Gene mapping
  • Molecular marker