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Creating a saturated reference map for the apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) genome

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The availability of a high quality linkage map is essential for the detection and the analysis of quantitative traits. Such a map should cover a significant part of the genome, should be densely populated with markers, and in order to gain the maximum advantage should be transferable to populations or cultivars other than the ones on which it has been constructed. An apple genetic linkage map has been constructed on the basis of a segregating population of the cross between the cultivars Fiesta and Discovery. A total of 840 molecular markers, 475 AFLPs, 235 RAPDs, 129 SSRs and 1 SCAR, were used for the two parental maps constructed with JoinMap and spanning 1,140 cM and 1,450 cM, respectively. Large numbers of codominant markers, like SSRs, enable a rapid transfer of the map to other populations or cultivars, allowing the investigation of any chosen trait in another genetic background. This map is currently the most advanced linkage map in apple with regard to genome coverage and marker density. It represents an ideal starting point for future mapping projects in Malus since the stable and transferable SSR frame of the map can be saturated quickly with dominant AFLP markers.

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We thank Dr. Markus Kellerhals from FAW, Wädenswil, for providing leaf material of the progeny plants and the parental cultivars. We also acknowledge Andrea Jegerlehner, Kirstin Knapp, Daniel Füger, Giovanni Broggini, Angela Tenzer, Georg Feichtinger, Eve Dilworth and Barbara Bigler for their help in the lab, and Tecan Switzerland AG, Männedorf, for providing the liquid handling and fluorescence measurement devices and the support with their use. Eve Dilworth and Dr. Graham King are acknowledged for critically reviewing and linguistically improving the manuscript. This research was funded by the Swiss National Foundation for scientific research, SPP-Biotechnology, grant No. 5002-045052 and No. 5002-057830.

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