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A previously unrecognized group of Middle Jurassic triconodontan mammals from Central Asia

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Ferganodonnarynensis gen. et sp. nov. is represented by a lower molariform tooth from the Middle Jurassic (Callovian) Balabansai Svita in Kyrgyzstan. The new genus is allied with Klamelia zhaopengi Chow and Rich 1984 from the Middle Jurassic Shishugou Formation in Xinjiang, northwest China to the new family Klameliidae based on parallelogram-shaped lower molariforms, imbricating rather than interlocking of cusps e-d-f, by a peculiar distolabial cingulid cusp, and by vertical folding of the enamel on the labial crown side. The new family Klameliidae fam. nov. is most similar to Gobiconodontidae by the structure of the molariform teeth and represents a previously unrecognized radiation of eutriconodontan mammals possibly endemic to Central Asia.


Balabansai Svita Callovian Eutriconodonta Ferganodon Gobiconodontidae Klamelia Kyrgyzstan 

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  2. 2.Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of SciencesUniversitetskaya nab. 1St. PetersburgRussia

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