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Fostering trust—J Mol Med’s scientific integrity policy

  • Detlev Ganten
  • Gregg L. Semenza
  • Christiane NolteEmail author

At our annual Editors’ meeting, we discussed what can be done to protect the Journal of Molecular Medicine (J Mol Med) from scientific misconduct or authorship disputes. Scientific publishing greatly relies on the trust between a journal and its authors.

We are aware (as is our publisher) of our responsibility to authors, reviewers, to the readers, and the scientific community as a whole, and we strictly observe the principles of scientific integrity. Our editorial policies concerning the reviewing process, authorship, and publication ethics, as stated in the inaugural editorial [1], closely follow recommendations published by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors [2] and the World Association of Medical Editors [3].

We realize that the pressure on authors and institutions to publish their research in order to promote their academic career and receive research funding is growing. In this ever more competitive environment, there is a clear trend toward an increasing...


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  • Detlev Ganten
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  • Gregg L. Semenza
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  • Christiane Nolte
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  1. 1.Journal of Molecular MedicineMax Delbrück Center for Molecular MedicineBerlinGermany
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