Uncommon acquired fistulae involving the digestive system: summary of data

  • I. Ashkenazi
  • O. Olsha
  • B. Kessel
  • M. M. Krausz
  • R. Alfici
Review Article



Most gastrointestinal fistulae commonly occur following surgery. A minority is caused by a myriad of other etiologies and is termed by some as “uncommon fistulae”. The aim of this study was to review these fistulae and their treatment.


A literature review was carried out. Searches were conducted in Pubmed and related references reviewed.


Except for Crohn’s disease and diverticulitis, “uncommon fistulae” are described in case reports or very small case series. Most of the patients were treated by surgery.


The anatomic features of the fistula and the etiology usually dictate the approach. Most patients will eventually need surgery to resolve this pathology.


Fistula Intestinal fistula Enterocutaneous fistula Uncommon fistula 


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