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Isomorphism in Wavelets

  • Xingde DaiEmail author
  • Wei Huang


Two scaling functions \(\varphi _A\) and \(\varphi _B\) for Parseval frame wavelets are algebraically isomorphic, \(\varphi _A \simeq \varphi _B\), if they have matching solutions to their (reduced) isomorphic systems of equations. Let A and B be \(d\times d\) and \(s\times s\) expansive dyadic integral matrices with \(d, s\ge 1\) respectively and let \(\varphi _A\) be a scaling function associated with matrix A and generated by a finite solution. There always exists a scaling function \(\varphi _B\) associated with matrix B such that
$$\begin{aligned} \varphi _B \simeq \varphi _A. \end{aligned}$$
An example shows that the assumption on the finiteness of the solutions can not be removed. An algebraic isomorphism with consistency has orthogonality as an invariant.


Parseval frame wavelets Isomorphism High dimension Scaling function 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 46N99 47N99 46E99 Secondary 42C40 65T60 



The authors thank Qing Gu and the anonymous referees for their comments that greatly improved the manuscript.


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