Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications

, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp 849–884 | Cite as

The Structure of Translation-Invariant Spaces on Locally Compact Abelian Groups

  • Marcin Bownik
  • Kenneth A. Ross


Let \(\Gamma \) be a closed co-compact subgroup of a second countable locally compact abelian (LCA) group \(G\). In this paper we study translation-invariant (TI) subspaces of \(L^2(G)\) by elements of \(\Gamma \). We characterize such spaces in terms of range functions extending the results from the Euclidean and LCA setting. The main innovation of this paper, which contrasts with earlier works, is that we do not require that \(\Gamma \) be discrete. As a consequence, our characterization of TI-spaces is new even in the classical setting of \(G=\mathbb {R}^n\). We also extend the notion of the spectral function in \(\mathbb {R}^n\) to the LCA setting. It is shown that spectral functions, initially defined in terms of \(\Gamma \), do not depend on \(\Gamma \). Several properties equivalent to the definition of spectral functions are given. In particular, we show that the spectral function scales nicely under the action of epimorphisms of \(G\) with compact kernel. Finally, we show that for a large class of LCA groups, the spectral function is given as a pointwise limit.


Translation-invariant space LCA group Range function Dimension function Spectral function Continuous frame 

Mathematics Subject Classification

42C15 43A32 43A70 22B99 46C05 



The authors are pleased to thank Joey Iverson for reading the manuscript and providing useful comments. We also thank a very careful referee for catching several ambiguities. The first author was partially supported by NSF Grant DMS-1265711.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of OregonEugeneUSA

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