Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications

, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 115–134 | Cite as

Commutators of Riesz Transforms Related to Schrödinger Operators

  • B. BongioanniEmail author
  • E. Harboure
  • O. Salinas


In this work we obtain boundedness on L p , for 1<p<∞, of commutators T b f=bTfT(bf) where T is any of the Riesz transforms or their conjugates associated to the Schrödinger operator −Δ+V with V satisfying an appropriate reverse Hölder inequality. The class where b belongs is larger than the usual BMO. We also obtain a substitute result for p=∞, under a slightly stronger condition on b.


Schrödinger operator BMO Commutators Riesz transforms 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

42B35 35J10 


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  1. 1.Instituto de Matemática Aplicada del Litoral CONICET-UNLSanta FeArgentina

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