An Extremely Low-Voltage and High-Compliance Current Mirror

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In this paper, a novel ultrahigh-compliance, low-voltage and low-power current mirror is proposed. The proposed structure utilizes the cooperative positive–negative local feedback to achieve ever-interesting high output voltage compliance. The structure takes the advantage of the current compensation scheme to boost the positive feedback at high current values, in which, otherwise the positive feedback and consequently the output voltage compliance tend to be degraded. The performance of the proposed architecture is validated by HSPICE simulation in TSMC 180 nm CMOS, BSIM 3 and Level 49 technology. The simulation results of the proposed structure show input/output minimum voltages of 0.059 V/0.038 V, output resistance of 121.36 GΩ and bandwidth of 211 MHz, while it consumes only 42.5 µW considering 1 V supply voltage. The current transfer error is interestingly less than 0.4% throughout its current dynamic range.

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