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On the Stability Analysis of Systems of Neutral Delay Differential Equations

  • Muyang Liu
  • Ioannis DassiosEmail author
  • Federico Milano


This paper focuses on the stability analysis of systems modeled as neutral delay differential equations (NDDEs). These systems include delays in both the state variables and their time derivatives. The proposed approach consists of a descriptor model transformation that constructs an equivalent set of delay differential algebraic equations (DDAEs) of the original NDDEs. We first rigorously prove the equivalency between the original set of NDDEs and the transformed set of DDAEs. Then, the effect on stability analysis is evaluated numerically through a delay-independent stability criterion and the Chebyshev discretization of the characteristic equations.


Time delay Delay differential algebraic equations (DDAEs) Neutral time-delay differential equations (NDDEs) Eigenvalue analysis Delay-independent stable 



This material is supported by the Science Foundation Ireland, by funding Muyang Liu, Ioannis Dassios and Federico Milano, under Investigator Programme Grant No. SFI/15/IA/3074.


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