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Stability of Nonlinear Networked Control System with Uncertainties



The problems of signal transmission delay, actuator data packet dropout, and measurement quantization in nonlinear networked control systems are investigated in this paper. First, a nonlinear system is represented as a series of linear systems through T–S fuzzy modeling, then the problem of actuator data packet dropout is solved through the introduction of a diagonal matrix; second, the problem of maintaining order is solved through the ZOH, and the problem of limited bandwidth is solved through the measurement quantization; and finally, the controller is designed to compensate the actuator data packet dropout.


Nonlinear networked control system T–S fuzzy model Time-delay Limited bandwidth Actuator data packet dropout 


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  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Integrated Automation of Process Industry, Ministry of EducationNortheastern UniversityShenyangP.R. China

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