Investigation on the effects of temperature dependency of material parameters on a thermoelastic loading problem

  • Anil KumarEmail author
  • Santwana Mukhopadhyay


The present work is concerned with the investigation of thermoelastic interactions inside a spherical shell with temperature-dependent material parameters. We employ the heat conduction model with a single delay term. The problem is studied by considering three different kinds of time-dependent temperature and stress distributions applied at the inner and outer surfaces of the shell. The problem is formulated by considering that the thermal properties vary as linear function of temperature that yield nonlinear governing equations. The problem is solved by applying Kirchhoff transformation along with integral transform technique. The numerical results of the field variables are shown in the different graphs to study the influence of temperature-dependent thermal parameters in various cases. It has been shown that the temperature-dependent effect is more prominent in case of stress distribution as compared to other fields and also the effect is significant in case of thermal shock applied at the two boundary surfaces of the spherical shell.


Three-phase-lag heat conduction Heat conduction with a delay Temperature dependency of material parameters Kirchhoff transformation 

Mathematics Subject Classification

35A22 65Mxx 74B10 74F05 


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